Friday, July 2, 2010

Change is good, n'est pas?

On the left is our "new" townhouse on the river. On the right is our "old" house in the woods. We are feeling very sentimental about leaving our home of twenty-three years. But we're on the adventure now, like it or not.
We are deep in the throes of the move, packing boxes, running back and forth from the house to the condo to the house (four miles each way). The planning part is over; now it's all about doing. The moving truck comes on July 7, and for those of you who are thinking the obvious question, "Have you found a buyer for your old house yet?" the answer is NO.

Weather forecast for July 7 is for Seattle's hottest of the year so far, still moderate by Pakistani standards at a delightful 84 degrees Fahrenheit. The especially good news about this forecase is the absence of rain.

If you see no changes on the blog for a few days, maybe even running into a few weeks, not to worry! I'll be back.


Dorothy said...

Good to hear from you. And watch your back, literally. Moving can be very hard on it.

Hope all goes well. We'll be waiting to hear

fortymama said...

It's so weird to imagine you in another house! Good luck with your move.

Old Gray Prof said...

By my accounting, the moving truck arrives tomorrow. I'll check in here in the evening to read how it all went.