Monday, August 30, 2010

Mr. Greenleaf is missing

Meet "Mr. Greenleaf" . . .
That's our name for a cement sculpture purchased from an artisan at the Farmers' Market in British Columbia (Kelowna) two years ago. This past week he disappeared from the backyard of our "old," unsold house.

Apparently, that's the downside of leaving a house vacant. We had hoped the new owner (when uncovered) would want to continue providing a home to Mr. Greenleaf, so we let him stay behind when we moved out. He embellished the wall; he was eye candy in the rockery! Of course, we would take him with us if the new owner proved to be a curmudgeon. Now that contingency is moot.

One shouldn't get attached to outdoor art. It's vulnerable to the elements--wind, sun, and rain, not to mention vandalism. But Hubby and I have always enjoyed adding artful touches and embellishments to the out-of-doors. Today several elfin faces and a puffy, fat cat guard the rockery. Two tall trees in our woods have faces emerging from their trunks, and a cement bas-relief of St. Francis guards the front door. But nothing quite like Mr. Greenleaf--he was special.

If you happen to see him, please help him home to Lake Forest Park.

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