Sunday, August 28, 2011

We always did like mustaches . . .

The McDraggles, produced for Washington Grade School's Gong Show, circa  1977
"The McDraggles" act was designed to be 'gonged,' which would allow serious talent to be appreciated by the audience at the grade school fund raiser. We were so funny, however, the gong ringer delayed doing his job while we continued with our music much longer than we'd planned. Four of us kept "playing" our phony bagpipes (the fifth conducted with the plumber's friend), while the audience tittered, hooted, and hollered. Result? Four kids who were really mad at their mother for the next several days.

And . . . our Adam's Apples were sore, too, because to play our phony bagpipes, we had to thwack them with our forefingers while humming "Scotland the Brave."

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