Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tech trek

I want the violins to play . . . to accompany my whining. No new posts coming your way until I become the master of my universe again (or, at least the master of my new laptop computer that's replaced an outmoded tower). The acquaintance period is demanding more attention that it deserves, and my new keyboard is making me feel claustrophobic and crazy. Who could have imagined that such luxury could be such hell.

I am going to drown myself in a big glass of network TV tonight--a comfy fix after a frustration frenzy trying to figure out where things are on the new system. I hope I can find something trashy and fun to take my mind off how privileged I am.

Oh, for just one 24 hour period in which I could ask the questions as they pop into my head. How I would love to have a techie mentor sitting beside me right now. I used to think of myself as computer savvy, but with a new operating system (Windows 7) and new versions of old, beloved software, such as Word and Excel, I feel exceedingly stupid. Yes, I know I will be fine in a few days . . . or weeks . . . but until then, nothing will be happening on this blog.

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