Saturday, June 30, 2012

River Race Results

Five Finger Rapids on
the Yukon River

This mom couldn't be prouder!

Team Such a Blast came in second overall in the race of originally sixty-eight competing boats, a mix of single and double kayaks and canoes, and large voyageur canoes. Thirteen boats (at this count) were unable to finish the 444 miles for various reasons, which must be heartbreaking for those individuals (not to mention their cheering families).

 Son, M., is in the stern. The California team
rented its canoe, thus the maple leaf.
State-of-the-art technology, allowing transponders on each boat to broadcast a signal every ten-to-fifteen minutes, let this Ma and Pa in the comfort of their Bothell townhouse track the race around the clock that was happening in the far reaches of the Yukon. Whew! It was exhausting forty-two hours and forty-five minutes for us vicarious victors.

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Anonymous said...

Awe-some! Congratulations to the team!! --J