Thursday, November 8, 2012

My visit with Orphan Annie

Recently I visited Orphan Annie at her home in Kelowna. It was several days after Halloween, and the Orphan Annie get-up was devised for Trick-or-Treating, at the request of Mae, the little girl who usually lives in that home.
Orphan Annie was ready to entertain me and happily showed off her costume made by a creative mum who bought a white Polo shirt and a red dress from a thrift store, then sewed parts of one onto the other for the most economical Annie costume imaginable!
I marveled at the transformation of this adorable, brown-haired girl who wears glasses to the curly redhead pictured here. And when she belted out "Tomorrow"? Well, I'm still smiling.
But the best part was when she turned back into Mae--who luckily is not an orphan, but the beloved child of my son and daughter-in-law. Lucky all of us.


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