Sunday, January 20, 2013

Damn, I feel old sometimes . . .

I don't want to be one of those old women who continues to believe she looks just like she did twenty years earlier. Although I haven't had my blog for twenty years (nor has anyone), I am aging visibly and I would like  to update the photo at the top of the the green-colored title column. I have been stumped, thus far, by my blog host's "improved easy-to-use design" of  its management technology.

After spending much too long trying to achieve this simple goal, I decided to just post a recent picture, so you won't think I am delusional about my appearance. It is a self-portrait, taken with my own camera as I stood  in front of a mirror.

At least I can't be accused of encouraging anyone to think I look like I'm not aging.

And that brings me to yet another reflection, which I think I've expounded on in this blog forum before--those pictures that appear in the Sunday obituaries. My pet peeve--the one where the deceased who is eighty years old who looks like a recent high school graduate. I am not sixteen any longer. And judging from this vintage 1956 photo, thank goodness!

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