Saturday, January 5, 2013

Legacy of Angels and Bears

A few of  Sallie and Susans' angels
In late November, the man next door invited neighbors in to select items from his late wife’s collection of assorted ornaments and decorative seasonal items. Dick, my neighbor, was in the process of what can be an agonizing examination of those packed away treasures that bring back memories of happier times.  Instead of just hauling them off to a thrift store, he spread them all out in his living and dining rooms as giveaways in what resembled a high-end Christmas boutique. I chose several angels and several bears—both categories of ornaments purposefully acquired for Glerum Christmas trees, and a little seasonal guest towel in the ‘exactly right’ color scheme of my guest lavatory.

A few of Sallie and Susan's bears
I never knew Susan, the original acquirer of these treasures, because she died shortly before we moved to our current home. However, I found myself thinking of her with gratitude as I hung my “new” ornaments and set out the towel. What a lovely idea Dick had—to pass along the small treasures of a life, that they may continue to be enjoyed by people who, at least, know the name of their original owner. I feel like an honorary, peripheral friend of Susan’s.

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Thanks for sharing. What a grand idea.