Sunday, October 20, 2013

Autumn foliage from an Elfin viewpoint

As I started out to take a walk on a trail adjacent to our house,
I thought--at first glance--that someone
had sprayed a little bit of yellow paint on the path.
When I looked closely, I saw the yellow "paint" was a colorful
spore growing on fallen Jack-pine needles.

A beautiful sight, especially if one were an elf, or other form of
"little people" who populate the world of the imagination.

Several days later, I didn't see the "paint," but on close examination
saw that the spores had changed from bright yellow to
a rusty orange. This would be autumn on a micro-scale,
something I've not considered before. Now, I find myself
intrigued with the idea there's a seasonal change going on
that's invisible to most of us.


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Anonymous said...

Love the new photo! Just beautiful!

Thinking of you and J --