Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Missing Thanks

Yesterday I was part of a crowd, standing in the rain on a golf course and applauding speeches. Why? Because fourteen months after its inception, a group known as OneBothell was triumphantly celebrating its goal met, an achievement affecting generations to come.

Wayne Golf Course, an open-space of nearly ninety acres in the heart of Bothell, has been saved from development at the instigation of OneBothell. Through a complex interim ownership agreement with the conservation organization Forterra, the community has three years to apply for and receive grants, as well as solicit private funds, to cover the $12 million price tag. This was a dream and a longshot, a hope and a plan, an endeavor that succeeded beyond all odds.

I stood on the golf course while Jesse Sears, the president of OneBothell, thanked Forterra for ‘making it happen,’ and I listened to James McNeil, former president of OneBothell and city council member, thank many individuals for ‘making it possible,’ and I watched Jonty Barnes with a child sitting on his shoulders listening with joy spreading across his face. It was a thrilling and victorious occasion for the (at least) 150 people present.

But one thing was missing from the tributes —very missing in this woman’s opinion—and that was the HUGE THANK YOU deserved by JESSE, JONTY, and JAMES, the three extraordinarily humble men whose vision drove the entire endeavor. You three can applaud Forterra, rave about Rod Dembowski, praise the ultimate decision by Joshua Freed, and that's great . . . but it is YOU three who deserve shouts of praise for your focused and wonderful vision that drove the winning outcome. 

Here's to the Three Js, as OneBothellites affectionately refer to them. I mean this tribute to be equivalent to a standing ovation for you! Hip, hip, hooray!

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Jonty said...

Thank you Sallie. The three J's became 4 folks soon after, David Bain also drove a huge amount of the success in the last year, before our board grew bigger, and our team got stronger.