Friday, May 19, 2023

JOKE? or MISTAKE? WHO CARES? (as long as you TAKE care)

Barely visible, you can
just make out the
number 648 just left of
the open car door
Who cares WHO it was or WHY they did it. Maybe it was an intentional screw-up from a disgruntled employee or maybe just an honest mistake from setting the number-6 stencil upside down on the cement. 

This photo was taken at the Mercer Street garage, a heavily used facility near the Seattle Center, a culture and sports magnet drawing thousands of ticket paying consumers of everything from theatre to rock concerts to operas, ballets, museums, special events, hockey playoffs and more. The garage is in constant use as the Seattle Center host thousands every day. 

Adjacent spaces
Over the years I've learned it can save time to photo a parking space number in any garage, lest there be confusion in the elevator in the aftermath of the particular event. This day was no different--my friend and I were going to Seattle Repertory Theatre and I offered to take a quick photo of the parking space number. 

That's when we got the joke---or the mistake. She called out 949 from the driver's side, just as I stepped out of the passenger side onto space 650. Huh? 

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