Friday, August 31, 2012

Digital Age

Flowers at Pike Place-K
Generally, when we talk about the digital age, we are referring to all those technical toys and tools that were unimagined in prior “ages.” From Internet to iPads, SmartPhones to  gigabytes and kitchen-based laptops, the digital age brings mind-boggling possibilities. For those of us whose ages are approaching fourscore, the fluid use of digital "gadgets" by youngsters is especially impressive.
 When I was ten, my Brownie camera was a challenge. 
The digital age might also allude to people born in the last decade-and-a-half. Take my granddaughters, Katie and Maddie, whose combined age is twenty, are definitely at the "digital age."
Katie, age 11, and Maddie, age 9
Their comfort-level and skill with their pocket-sized cameras astonished me--not to mention their "eye" for a good picture. As they enjoyed playing "tourist" while visiting Seattle recently, they snapped nearly two hundred pictures combined. You’ll have to agree—these girls, whose ages in years are in the low digits, exemplify the possibilities afforded by—and to—the digital age.
Pike Place Market-M
Chihuly Museum exhibit-K
Chihuly Museum & Space Needle-M
Space Needle-K
Chihuly Glass Museum-M


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WC is not tweet for "will call"

Overheard by Hubby in a downtown restaurant’s men’s room:

British man: “I say, I don’t know why they call them restrooms. I don’t see anyone resting.”

British man’s friend: “Right-o. In Canada they call them washrooms. That’s a little closer to the truth.” 

Hubby: (to himself) “And water closet is more to the point?”