Thursday, May 28, 2015

Chief Pencil Sharpener & Other Important Activities

After five- and-a-half
years of writing my blog, I just realized that May is almost over and I have posted nothing! That might be a record gap, and not one I'm keen to achieve. Well, I've been busy . . . and that's a good thing.

What have I been doing? Some really important, high-profile activities, such as sharpening pencils (look, here is a pile I just sharpened at a granddaughter's home), wrapping a nearly-nine-year old's hair in a dancer's bun (successful enough, I might boast, to last nearly twelve hours for two performances on the same afternoon), admiring peonies in the neighbor's yard, and staring at clouds.

Whew! Exhausting, I'm sure you'll agree. In fact, there have been a few challenges in my daily world, also a good thing (except for the nasty scrape & dent I put into my driver's side door when the concrete pillar in the parking garage entered my blind spot). My favorite activity is the writing and editing I am privileged to do for the organization,, which has been the subject of this blog on several occasions. Progress is amazing on that front, and soon I hope to have triumphant news to share.

Meanwhile, today's post is merely to inform my readers that I am well, very much alive, and headed for a lively June, which I hope to narrate in JUNE!