Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mermaid in my Kitchen!

When my nine-year-old granddaughter visited recently, she asked me where my art supplies were.
ARTWORK on my Frig
Her parents and I were busy unloading things from their car, so I told her where to find them. Next thing I knew, Mae was sitting in my kitchen diligently working at a drawing of a mermaid.

"I can draw really good mermaids," she told me. "I learned how at school."

"Really? They teach mermaid drawing in fourth grade?"

"We have an artist who comes in to help teach us art sometimes, and he showed us how to draw people. A mermaid is mostly a person, and I already knew how to draw fish."

I intentionally keep a bare refrigerator door because of the way my house is set up. The kitchen is completely visible from the living and dining areas. Basically, they're all just one big room. However, for the time being, it's pinned up on the refrigerator, so there's a mermaid swimming the living room. She's a lovely addition.