Friday, June 27, 2014

Jay Glerum

Jay O. Glerum

August 16, 1939 - June 26, 2014

Rest in peace.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Five easy steps to access Google Admin for your Blog

Last year I made thorough notes on how to get into my Admin Account on Google so I would NEVER have the same frustration renewing my blog's domain again. Guess what! Google made changes in early 2014 to its Admin Account design and set-up, so last year's tips didn't work this year.

The domain name, "Beats Talking to Myself," was set up to auto-renew, so I shouldn't have needed to worry. But my bank changed the account number of my VISA earlier this year (due to one of its "Your card MAY have been compromised" letters), and that was the number filed with Google. I knew I needed to update the number.

Repeatedly I got frozen out of my Admin Account, despite Google's detailed instructions on its new version of the admin function. Eventually (on and off I tried for almost three weeks) I found my way to a chat room where 88 people were ranting and discussing the same problem. One of the conversations contained this approach, which--mercifully--worked. (I was ready to watch the name of my blog be unavailable, so it truly was a merciful event.)

1.  Log out of EVERYTHING Google (any gmail accounts, any searches).
2.  Bring up CHROME as your browser.
3.  Hold down three keys--shift, control, and N--to get to CHROME Incognito. 
4.  When you see the signon site, enter your user name (your name, the one your domain is registered to, not your gmail name) followed by @"" (quotation makes are mine--just write out your full domain
5. Enter your password (which is likely not the same one you use to sign into your blog).

If you are as lucky as I was, the five steps will get you immediately into the Admin System--at which time you can go to the billing tab, or the domain tab, or whatever else you're there for.

From the bottom of my heart, fellow bloggers, I wish you well. I have received more comments and thanks from that post of June 10, 2013, than any other, so I know this is a whopping frustration for a lot of us. If I can help just one person, I will feel a little better about the time I spent solving the problem.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Happiness is . . .

Happiness is chinning yourself alongside your sister. 

Accomplishing a feat of strength generally makes us feel good, but it's rare to get a photo of just how good it really feels when we succeed.