Friday, September 18, 2009

Sweet Tooth

Mae: Are we going to have bessert now?

Grandpa: Laughs. But we just finished breakfast! And don’t you mean dee-ssert?

Mae: That’s what I said, bee-ssert.

Grandpa: Ah, I see. Bessert is something sweet after the meal.

Mae: Laughs.

Grandpa: Dee-ssert is something we have after dinner, yes?

Mae: Nods.

Grandpa: Maybe bee-sert is something we have after breakfast.

Mae: Grins.

Grandpa: Well, if bessert is after breakfast and dessert is after dinner, hm-m-m . . . I wonder what lessert would be.

Mae: That’s bessert after lunch?

Grandpa: Laughs. Yup! Bessert, lessert, dessert.

Mae: Dee-ssert.

Grandpa: Oh, my . . . you said it perfectly! But now, since we finished our cereal and fruit,I guess we need some bee-ssert. Would you like jam on your toast?

Mae: Smile breaks into a head-thrown-back, open-mouthed laugh. Sure!

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