Thursday, February 11, 2010

Staying put for now

We picked up our escrow check after signing a form stating that we were withdrawing our offer for the condo, based on findings in the inspection. Now it's time to lick wounds and wind down from the frantic activities of the last seven days. Our house hunt will resume in a while, but I'm taking a vacation from thinking about it for a three day weekend, with bookend days on either side. Maybe about next Wednesday I'll start watching listings again.

Meanwhile, let me take a moment to praise a very nice realtor who--as much as he must have wanted our purchase to go through--was understanding and pleasant, even as he handed back our check. If you live in my neck-of-the-woods and you're looking for a reliable, honest, professional realtor (who is also a gentleman), let me know. I'll be happy to provide his name.

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