Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My note writing campaign

I’m having fun writing a note or two each week to people I normally don’t contact by snail mail. However, I doubt very much if my snail-mail campaign is going to catch on, judging from my blog’s lack of readership. For instance, in the entry dated February 28 called Let 44 ¢ Restore the Thrill, I made an error. Since no one let me know of my mistake, I’m assuming it’s because no one reads my blog.

When I requested a sheet of postcard stamps yesterday at the post office, my first reaction when I saw them was to argue with the clerk. “Wait! These are twenty-eight cents. Aren’t postcards twenty-seven cents?” You can guess the clerk’s reaction—just another crazy old-woman customer bellyaching about postal increases. There I was, imagining myself as a competent adult, yet completely missing the boat with something as basic as what it costs to mail a postcard. Yowie! Guess I’ll have to reassess my image as someone who knows what she’s doing. Let’s hope this isn’t how my seventies are going to be—learning how out-of-it I really am.

So far, I’ve sent about ten notes in my campaign, and I can tell by the response I’m getting that I’m not the only person who loves getting something in the mail besides ads and requests for money. So, reader—if you’re out there—try making someone’s day with a handwritten note sent by snail mail. It’s especially nice if the recipient doesn’t have to ante-up postage due.

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Sallie. I love your blog and read each entry even though I don't write a comment, I love your writing style and your perceptions of all the thing which go on around you. What a treasure you are.