Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's that time of year again

After spending the better part of an hour trying to upload a youTube video onto my blog, I finally just posted the url so my readers could cut and paste it into their own browsers. After I posted it (last week sometime), a friend wrote to explain how to imbed the youTube video in my blog. It should be easy, but technology has STILL gotten the best of me. Now I can't even cut and paste the url into my blog--a quirk in my technique, apparently, is corrupting the process and I get gibberish instead of a sensible Web addres. Therefore, instead of wasting any more time, I am going to suggest politely that you go to and search for a video called Pumpkins on Pikes.

Halfway through the video you'll see and hear my son talking about the event--now held in California where he lives now. He first imagined it when he lived in Vermont and this year is its 18th occurance. Pumpkins-on-Pikes is magical. I wrote about it on my blog in October 2009, so I won't bore you with my opinion about its ethereal beauty. Just click on the video and enjoy.

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fortymama said...

What a cool event. I wish we had something like that here. But at least we have Kinetic....took the kids to that today.

You might have tried this already, but you've got to become a subscriber to YouTube so you can embed the code. Once subscribed, then click EMBED, then you'll have the code to copy & paste into your post.

I just tried to paste the code for you into my comment, but Google won't let me. Email me if you need more help.