Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The most awesomest present

Recently, our eldest granddaughter, Katie, turned ten. Remembering how much of a big deal I thought my tenth birthday was, I wanted to think of a big deal gift for her. And--if truth be told--it's a big deal for a grandma, too, when her first grandchild is ten.

After considerable thought, I bought several small gift cards from stores that Katie likes. I then wrote a card with lots of "ten" words in context with the types of purchases she could make with the cards (heighten, brighten, smarten, enlighten, sweeten, listen, etc.). I packaged the whole thing on a glossy 8 x 11 sheet with her picture on it.

Did she like it? This is a direct quote: "Thank you for the "most awesomest present . . . like, ever!

And that, my friends, is music to Grandma's ears!

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