Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More thankfulness

I failed to mention my daughters-in-law in my Thanksgiving post. That is not to say I am not enormously thankful for them. I have always enjoyed knowing the individuals singled out by my children as interesting enough to date and become romantically involved with. It goes without saying that once deep relational commitments are made—long term permanence taking the form of marriage or partnership—I willingly open up my heart and home to our augmented family members and go out of my way to impose no conditions on their acceptance.

My daughters-in-law are completely individual, each one with different backgrounds and life experience. Each of them bring a richness to our family that is unique and treasured. All are especially gifted in the “acceptance” factor.  When we had our reunion at the ocean this summer, I was able to see their inclusiveness in action. It was a heartwarming observation.  

So thanks, Eleni, Denise, and Candra for the texture, detail, and color you add to our family tapestry.

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