Monday, September 17, 2012

Something we all need

This sign greeted us as we emerged from our TSA screening last week in Milwaukee's airport.

Why doesn't every airport have such an area? There were plenty of seating units and places to, uh, well . . . recombobulate after the carryon-luggage deconstruction.

Another delightful find in Milwaukee's airport is Renaissance Books, a used bookstore with a magnificent selection. This is not your ordinary paperback-exchange kind of bookstore, but a genuine collection of old, out-of-print hardbacks, as well as newer, literary paperbacks and an enormous amount of tantalizing non-fiction. The owner told Hubby he thinks his is the only such store anywhere in a U.S. airport, "since most used-books found in airports are in the 'swap kind' of store."  Check Renaissance out the next time you're in Beer-town, but don't let the unusual breadth and depth of its inventory cause you to miss your flight.

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old gray j-prof said...

That must be a new old book store, Sallie. I don't remember seeing it when I was in the Milwaukee airport three or four years ago.

Did you see the Marquette campus? I thought the expansion stunning--though I missed the old store on the corner of 12th and Wisconsin. I bought my last pack of cigarettes there many times--perhaps even my final last pack. But my fondest memory is of going over there when I was a student, on the day that the New Yorker published, and thumbing through the magazine looking for a J.D. Salinger story. And best of all, finding one