Thursday, October 30, 2014

Remaking ourselves for Halloween

Awaiting darkness . . . and illumination of the pumpkins
One of my sons is especially likely to invent an original Halloween costume. Not only is he creative, but he loves the holiday. Over the years, I've ooh-ed and ah-ed over some spectacularly clever and funny ideas he's had for costumes.

Last weekend he, his wife, and daughter hosted a large, family-friendly Halloween party (and I was there!). Taking inspiration from another son's "Pumpkins on Pikes" party (originating in Vermont and now a California event), this event afforded its invitees the opportunity to create jack-o-lanterns, which were then placed on pikes in the front yard. When it's dark, the pumpkins were lighted--and will be on Halloween. They are quite spectacular!
A son unrecognizable

Here are the two heads visible
At some point, every pumpkin carver needs a paper towel, right? My son moved around the party-going carvers (there were many) outfitted in this year's costume, a towel rack with two heads.

If I hadn't been there, I might have had a hard time imagining his costume. But the idea of having an extra brain is quite appealing. Who couldn't use a second to carry around all the information that's escaping from the first?  

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Lucy Hart said...

Oh b-o-o-o-o-o this is so cool! Great to see grown men having fun at Halloween.