Monday, April 13, 2015

Saturday Night Griever--NOT

Bach and the cello
As I continue to reinvent my life as a single person, Saturday nights remain one of the most challenging times. Sure, I can always find a movie, a concert, a play, or other event to attend, but sometimes I want to stay home. I like home. The problem is that Aloneness (a good thing) can easily become Loneliness (not a good thing). Keeping my mind occupied, so it doesn't slip into a pity party, is a big challenge.

Hayden and the string quartet
This weekend I had an idea. I dragged out the watercolors, pens, and paper--then put on a CD. As I listened to Pablo Casals play Bach's Cello Suites, I let my paintbrush move to the music. The result was a handful of notecards useful for any number of occasions. Several hours flew by and I had something to show for them. It was fun and totally preoccupied me in a creative way. It was a great Saturday night.

Sunday I tried again because it was so much fun. I listened to a Hayden string quartet (Opus 2, No. 5 in D major) with colored pencils in hand, and if my son hadn't called me and mentioned the time of day, I would have missed my dinner engagement.

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Lucy Hart said...

These watercolors are wonderful. I can see music in them. So great to see you taking up painting once again.