Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year Greetings

Blooming Ice Crystals
It's hard to believe that I am beginning the eighth year of my blog. In that time period, it's had more than 70,000 hits. Granted, most people probably are looking for something else, but it is an impressive statistic, yes?

 I am disappointed to realize that in the month of December I only wrote one entry on my blog. I resolved last year that I'd write a minimum of two per month. So much for resolutions! That's why I don't make them, but I tried to write a minimum of two new entries each month. If a person has a blog, that person needs to maintain it, in my opinion. Otherwise, poof! But I'm not ready to be done with it! So happy new year  . . . to Beats Talking To Myself . Yes, it's self-centered, but I'm not stopping now.

Ice covered weeds
OK, that being said--here is what I want to opine about today. As I took my first walk of the year in our very bright and very chilly day, I was struck by how gorgeous dead foliage looks when it's dressed up in ice. Normally I wouldn't normally have looked twice at the side of the path as I meandered for my couple-mile walk. I often return home feeling as though I saw nothing because I let interior musings override exterior stimuli. Not today. 
Frozen leaves

I found myself grateful to have occasion to really see the weedy borders of the walking/cycling trail. I hope I can notice ordinary things and appreciate them this year. If I were a resolution maker, that might be a good one. Beauty lurks everywhere.

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