Tuesday, March 3, 2020


Several years ago I made a promise to myself about keeping up my blog: I would write a minimum of two posts per month! Seems like I didn't keep that promise in February, despite the extra day where I could have crammed one in. But the idea for the second February post, despite rattling around in my head for ten days, didn't seem to matter enough to stop other activities to write it. Until today.

Today, the third day of March, seeing what was happening beneath my front window, I HAD to stop everything and write.

Daffodil, jonquil, narcissus--daffadowndilly. All names for the beautiful yellow flowers blooming outside in my garden and emanating joy and hope from their vase in my dining room. Hooray for March and its birth-flower. Hooray for yellow, which has always been my favorite color.

I love daffodils, and I'm especially happy that the rabbit population infesting our neighborhood doesn't feel the same way. Daffodils are among the few spring bulbs that are not tasty to rabbits, apparently.

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