Sunday, July 25, 2021

Today was a Downer

Usually when I walk I make a point of looking up and out. That's one reason I walk--for perspective. I love the sky and trees and seeing the light and shadow among leaves, listening to birds, and anticipating the sound of the little stream as it gurgles its way through its circuitous route to the river. I realized I was brooding today on my routine Sunday morning walk when it occurred to me I hadn't looked up at all! And it was because I was only looking down at the sidewalk that I even noticed the little key (for a diary? a tiny padlock?)

 When I spied the key, I began to notice other out-of-place items on the sidewalk or the browning grass on its edge. There were all kinds of litter created by other walkers, much of it tossed to the side onto whatever property abutted the sidewalk. Broken glass, a beer bottle, a vandalized sign for a school board election, a bandana flung off someone's neck, a battery from something like a votive light, an orange ribbon, and trousers on a wall. Huh? Trousers?? 

I noticed all these items on the ground on my Sunday morning 'regular' walk. It's a mile up a hill and a mile back down on a sidewalk along a city road that parallels a park and several housing communities with fenced areas along woodsy undeveloped areas, as well. I noticed more litter than shown here, too, such as a footlong stream of toilet paper, a six pack carrier, a plastic cup, a fast food wrapper, an elastic hairband, a cigarette butt or two.  

There is, no doubt, a reason why and a story behind everything. Alcohol? Wind? Showing off for someone? Desperate? Angry? Thoughtless? Mindless? Hostile? Sloppy? Oblivious?
Next Sunday I will spend my time looking up and out 
(spending only enough time looking down to prevent tripping) because THIS is what I see when I LOOK UP: 

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