Friday, May 20, 2022

How lucky can a person get

Today, as I looked out my window, I had to ask the question: Does it get any better than this? Certainly it doesn't get any prettier as the trees and lawn green up and the sky turns blue with spectacular clouds rolling by.

In a five minute walk I can be at one of two local parks: The golf course we, the people of Bothell, saved from development (it's still unnamed, but maybe soon) to roam and meditate, and a snippet of land known as "Red Brick Road Park" to get my steps in without any obstacles (like people or bikes). Red Brick Road commemorates the last remaining section of roadway that 100 years ago connected Bothell to the outlying areas of Seattle.

No kidding--it doesn't get any better than this, nor does it get more beautiful. I am one lucky person.
Peek-a- boo view of (former) Wayne Golf Course Park
Red Brick Road Park


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Prasad A said...

Sallie, Peeak-a-boo view (wayne..) pic you got in this blog is an amazing and all pics you capture are stunning!! What a eye and talent you have 'Stunning Sallie' btw, I recently spotted Red Brick Road and now read about it on bit of its histroy... I am NOT sure anyone else in my community know about Red brick road.. uff When I was there 3 days back, I was actually curious what was this before... but now I know.. thank you!