Monday, October 31, 2022

Life in the city

stump with sprout
Trees run along the block of the sidewalk where this photo was taken. Only one tree has been cut down, some time ago, judging from its appearance. But even though it appears to be dead, it has somehow managed a comeback. Talk about resilience! 

And then there's the Halloween outfitted leaf shown below. Really? Is it trying to masquerade as another species? I looked around at the shrubbery growing in the adjacent garden and didn't spot this shape of leaf on any of them. Most were still attached to their mother-plants and hadn't begun to turn color or drop. Maybe this one is trying on a new look because of climate change or because some insect is seeking only plain green leaves for breakfast. Whatever, I walked past it and then turned around to retrace my steps, just so I could look at it again and take this photo. Will wonders never cease.

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