Wednesday, June 14, 2023

An Embarrassment of . . . oops,

 Bed, Bath, and Beyond was one of my all time favorite retail stores. I never visited without a coupon, which is saying a lot for me because I NEVER use coupons! Well, not at least since my children were small, and my budget was a $50/week budget to feed a family of six. Yes, that was a challenging parameter and any/all coupons definitely helped. But in the last thirty (at least) years, I haven't usually bothered with them, the one exception being BB&B. Reason? Its paper coupons never expired, as long as they were presented 'in person' at a bricks-n-mortar location. Only ONE was allowed for one excursion. I would take my bundle of paper coupons sent via USPS regularly and select the one that provided the best deal for whatever I was purchasing. The clerks were great at ascertaining which one would save the most money--dollars or percentage off purchases of defined minimums. The willingness to take old coupons and help decide the best savings for the customer was enough to make me a faithful fan of BB&B. 

Today I was searching my desk for something and a wad of rolled up coupons fell out of a slot-compartment. And to think I even packed them up and moved them last summer--that's how much I loved those coupons!  From bed linens to flatware, from small appliances to kitchen gimmicks, I always enjoyed shopping there. And even Hubby was actually happy to accompany me to BB&B when I needed something, and that's saying a lot for a man who prided himself in 'buying' not 'shopping' (and was happy to explain the difference).

I am sad that Bed, Bath, and Beyond is going out of business. And now those coupons are in my recycle bin to announce the end of an era at my home.

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