Monday, June 14, 2010

My Father

As Father's Day approaches, I frequently find myself thinking about my dad. He's been dead for forty-seven years. The picture of the two of us chatting was taken in 1957 at our summer home in Cohassett, Washington. I was still in high school.

To read an essay I wrote about my father, published in 2008, click on this link. In the photo in the newspaper essay, my older, and only, sister is the other child pictured.


Anonymous said...

HI Sallie:
What a wonderful photograph of you with your father. Looks like it was taken just yesterday. It is hard to believe that it has been forty seven years since he died. I remember him very intently as such a gracious, fun, and lovely man. What a great tribute to him you wrote. Thanks for writing this.

Old Gray Prof said...

When my younger brother,John, turned 70 last March, I called to welcome him to the age of the septuagenarian. At one point, I mentioned that though I am 13 years older now than our father was when he died, I often wish that I could lean on his wisdom when faced with some problem or other. John said he does, too. I wish I could express that as eloquently as you have.