Thursday, January 6, 2011

Resolved: No resolutions

If I were a New Year’s resolution maker, I would already be feeling guilty six days into the 2011. No doubt about it, I wouldn’t have been as strict or disciplined as I’d intended and I’d be beating up on myself over failure to eliminate undesirable behavior.

Many years ago I learned that when I’m ready for change, I change. The two most significant and painful changes I've ever made happened on Sept. 29, 1989, and March 16, 1991, when I gave up drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, respectively. You can conclude correctly, without any help from me, that new year’s resolutions played no part in those personal makeovers. I believe until the right time comes along--prompted by an interior change--there’s nothing to gain by superimposing big personal plans on self.

So the new year has arrived, and I am doing nothing differently. Well, maybe I'm cursing a little bit more in parking lot at the YMCA, as I try to find a space for the car. A lot of people out there obviously make resolutions to be more fit and active. Apparently they're all members of my Y and need to show up there precisely at the same time as my aerobics class. By February, if my observations in the past four years remain consistent, there’ll be plenty of parking spaces again.

Meanwhile, I take this moment to congratulate myself for skipping the resolutions.

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Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree! Change happens when it's time -- not because a calendar page flipped!