Sunday, May 8, 2011


Night had fallen when we saw "Red" roosting
Imagine our surprise yesterday when we woke up to the sound of a rooster crowing. We live in a managed community, after all . . . one in which animals are expected to be on leash and flora isn't supposed to run wild. NO skateboarding, EVER!

The voice we heard yesterday belonged to a huge rooster that apparently has wandered away from his cronies upriver about a mile. (Years ago, someone set a flock of chickens loose in a park the riverbank, which has been there ever since.)

Some years are good for chickens (no coyotes) and some not so good (big, hungry coyotes). This year is a not-so-good one; we've seen only roosters and no hens. It seems that our uninvited visitor, "Red," is on a chicken hunt, himself.

Last night he bedded down for the night in a bush at the foot our our driveway. I hope to get a picture of him strutting around the property before the Homeowners Association chases him off (or cooks him up for Sunday dinner).

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Anonymous said...

Great reflections. THANKS! Your Canadian daughter-in-law.