Sunday, May 1, 2011


As promised in my last post, today I planned on updating my photograph on the blog. To that end, I conducted my own photo shoot this morning.

However, formatting the new photo on my blog's header was another matter. All the giggles that bubbled up during the ten-minute session (being one's own photographer is a silly activity) turned into grumbling and mumbling during a twenty-five minute session on the computer, as I struggled to replace the old photo with the new one. Bottom line? I couldn't do it!

Nowhere could I find the little encapsulated portrait on the blog's guts to remove it. So . . .I added the new picture farther down the page. At some point, I'll get the hang of Blogspot's "upgrades," but not today. It's too sunny outside to be held hostage by a computer.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd reveal my methodology with this picture.


Anonymous said...

You look even younger and more beautiful! Love the new photo. --Jan

Ginny NiCarthy said...

Mechanics mastered or not, the new photo is terrific.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the others -- it's very cute! and maybe nicer because it's bigger than the one on the header -- I can really see that it's you!