Thursday, October 13, 2011

Little Miss Stewart (as in Martha)

The idea of celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving (October 10) with our Canadian family inspired us to meet our B.C. family somewhere halfway between our two houses. We chose Winthrop, Washington, where we found a dandy condo to rent for the weekend, and proceeded to discuss how we would actually celebrate the event. 

Turkey? Nah, it could be difficult to cook in a kitchen with unknown attributes. Hot dogs? One of us thought that was a great suggestion, but certain adults nixed it. We decided on chicken, and concocted a plan wherein we would purchase an already roasted chicken in Winthrop (e.g. the kind the supermarkets set out under heat lamps) and put together all the ‘trimmings’ as we could muster easily.

Here is our ridiculously simple final menu put together in less than forty-five minutes: Supermarket chicken, stuffing (stovetop), green-bean casserole (canned beans, etc.), mashed potatoes (from organic Wash. farm), yams (baked in the microwave, sliced, then smothered in marshmallows leftover from an overabundance of sumores’ ingredients), cranberry sauce (my mother's recipe) and pumpkin pie made from “scratch” by our son who even started with a fresh pumpkin! 

The table was set by Little Miss “Martha” Mae. She did a beautiful job of transforming the ordinary condo table into a Thanksgiving table, and decided to include the windowsill in the decor. To quote my daughter-in-law after we’d finished the dishes, “That was the easiest Thanksgiving dinner with the least amount of stress I can ever remember.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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