Friday, October 7, 2011

PC Growlings

I am having a terrible time learning Windows 7 and Office 10. 

I used to think I was computer savvy, but it seems my opinion of my computer skills was inflated. Turns out, I don't know "diddly squat" about these matters. And, to make matters worse (here's my rant about Microsoft--never thought I'd sink so low), there doesn't appear to be easy help anywhere to be found inside the software or even online. In previous Word versions, one only had to tap the question-mark button to find help on whatever was  needed. Now Word refers the frustrated user to a chat room, bulletin board or a forum for help. I have spent hours (so it seems, anyway) roaming various sites for help--just to set tabs easily, or fill a cell with a standard pastel color. The most recent subject of my fury is my inability to set up a couple of macros. I'm ready to have Windows XP reloaded on my laptop, and to re-purchase the old, trusted versions of Microsoft Office--then drop Word 10 AND Excel AND all the rest off the pedestrian trestle bridge near my house.

To get my mind off all this, I've been doodling on the iPad. Here's an example of what I've been doing, thanks to Steve Jobs--R.I.P. 


Anonymous said...

I just read an article praising Steve Jobs and all his accomplishments. The author focused particularly on how Mr. Jobs and Apple have made their products easy to use. And the author contrasted that with Microsoft. It would appear you're not the only one who's had problems with this latest iteration.


Anonymous said...

Upgrading software doesn't always mean BETTER that is for sure. Loved your Halloween drawing.