Saturday, December 17, 2011


Gifts are uppermost in the minds of many this time of year.  But the intangible ones can be the most dear, and time is certainly among the most precious. It could be argued that time is right up there with frankincense, myrrh, and gold in the twenty-first century.

Last weekend we visited our family in the Midwest. One of the activities I enjoy doing with my two granddaughters is making art.
We usually find some form of art to create together during our visits. This year, Maddie (8) had new watercolors she wanted to show me. "Let's paint, Grandma."
Katie (10) had a box of art supplies from which she chose a pristine set of opaque watercolors. Armed with a supply of water, a few paper towels, several brushes, and paper--the three of us spent an hour, or so, talking and water coloring. What fun it is to engage fully in an activity that can be done while talking! Quality sharing is what it means, and that is another priceless gift. Although our visits with our dear girls are short, we have found ways of extracting joy in every minute of shared time.

I intended to leave my evergreen tree painting with the girls--(I even signed it for them) but discovered it later mixed in the WELCOME signs the girls made in anticipation of our visit. 

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