Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ah-h-h . . . such a lovely weekend

After a stressful week, including five days with my arm in a sling (acute tendonitis in the rotator cuff), Hubby and I traveled  to that special town in British Columbia wherein reside three of our favorite people. 

The ostensible reason was to celebrate a sixth birthday, but the resulting change of focus turned our visit into soul-balm. What could be more delightful than entering a world where a teddy bear named Gabrielle overlooks the safety of about thirty fellow ‘stuffies’ (from a seventy-year old doll's highchair formerly belonging to me) as they swim in an imaginary community pool in the living room. Each part of the pool, from the diving board, the kiddy area, the sauna and the hot tub, was outlined on the living room rug with Hula-hoops and other creative treatments. Talk about diversity! In this pool, pigs, monkeys, dogs, bears, and even a chipmunk all enjoyed each other’s company.

Add to that a tap-dance recital, a soccer match, a final swimming lesson . . . and these old folks returned to their condo in the ‘states’ with lower blood pressure and uninvited smiles still popping up whenever a recollection of the weekend sets in.

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old gray j-prof said...

And a lovely report, Sallie.