Monday, April 1, 2013

The devil(ed eggs) made me do it

As I pondered various menu ideas for a small family brunch I was hosting for Easter, an idea came to me. What if I dyed the whites of deviled eggs before I filled them? After a quick experiment, I discovered I could make my idea work.

 Hard boil the eggs, cool them, then cut them in half. Mix food coloring with water & vinegar in individual bowls, just as you would for dying the shells. (Caution: Use food coloring, not Easter egg dye, despite disclaimers that the dye is safe.) Roll the whites around in the colors, and drain them on racks with paper toweling underneath. When thoroughly dry, prepare filling and stuff as usual.
 I did the dye step on Saturday afternoon, chilled the eggs in small bowls of like colors (so the colors don’t leach) until Sunday morning when I actually made the deviled eggs. They were a great success!

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