Thursday, October 31, 2013

Outrageous outsourcing

Below is the card of instructions and (presumably the warranty), which was included with a waterproof cell-phone case that Hubby purchased a few months ago. If it weren't so indicative of today's retail environment, it would be funny. I have typed it out under the reproduction for easier reading.

Please rest assured that you can use, this product has made water-proof test (qualified)


1.  the use of new high-security performance waterproofing system, waterproofing a rigorous test.

2. the use of special soft, waterproof material, does not affect the phone, with the effect of perturbation, such as operating functions.

3. fear of aquatic products will achieve a certain degree on the inside of the Loss Prevention protection.

4. When using this product, such as cameras. Handsets and other products falling into the water, will be automatically cropped to.

Note the Use:

1. The use of this product, please do so before the water test and check whether there is damage to part of in particular, and the surrounding seal.

2. The use of the process and avoid strong impact and scratch, please do not use at a high temperature durable,

3. In the water after use, if necessary, remove the bag of items, please seal the Department down and avoid residual Within the water into the waterproof.

 4. Applicable to the temperature between 35 degrees and not to the use of hot springs.

After purchase, please do your water tests is no problem and then use the course in the use of sharp items to avoid being scratchad, The product that you use the default security of the quality of the goods and to bear in the course of any problems arising.


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