Thursday, December 19, 2013

A ten year old's poem

Grandma, I wrote this poem about the book The Giver*, I thought you would enjoy reading it. If you haven't read The Giver, the poem may not make sense. Love, Maddie 

Memories flashing by
No color seen from eye to eye
One single soul is chosen
To remember the days of the frozen
The mistake of a decade
Leaving everyone afraid
 by Maddie, age 10

(*Grandma's note: Dear Blog Reader: It isn't every day I'm willing to give up my platform to share it with another writer. However, the ability of a certain (yes, beloved) ten-year-old to capture the essence of this book warrants sharing this space. The Giver is by Lois Lowry and was published in 1993. Click here to read a synopsis.)

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