Friday, December 20, 2013

Goodbye, bike!

1974 "girl's" three-speed Raleigh
 A little bit of our family history was delivered to the thrift store the other day . . . with the hopes that someone will delight in finding a vintage three-speed Raleigh that needs quite a bit of restoration.  The bike was a big deal in 1974—three gears—and “the biggy” gift to our daughter on her eleventh birthday. She was thrilled and the envy of many of her sixth grade peers because of it.
Resting at Value Village while VV
attendant retrieves a receipt for donation

Over the years its design has become woefully obsolete. By today’s high-tech standards, it’s downright primitive with only three gears.  I tried to “get back in the saddle” with this bike a few years ago, but floundered . . . eventually deciding that either it or I was too old for the project.

Hubby and I agreed it was taking up precious garage space, and our daughter has long since upgraded her bike. Off it went to Value Village where it will become someone’s treasure, we hope—maybe just in time for Christmas. Goodbye, the likelihood that I will ever ride a bike again. (It's OK, really.)

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