Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Fever, Pt. II

Seattle has gone crazy. Those rational, educated, humanist, pridefully aloof Northwesterners, who can dither a decade about replacing a roadway that has been pronounced seismically unsafe, have become like over-excited children who've eaten too much candy. In just two weeks! (Oh, and did I mention I'm one of those people?)

Some of that candy is figurative. There are "12th Man" flags blowing on car antennas and hanging in store windows. A big number twelve flag flies from the Space Needle. Everywhere is Blue and Green EVERYTHING !  Cupcakes to donuts to noodles to sushi to deviled eggs.
Some of that candy is actual. Bags of Skittles, the favorite snack of running back Marshawn Lynch, are everywhere. Even the King County library has put out bowls of freebies in Halloween-sized packets for its patrons to enjoy. And, speaking of the library--both Seattle and King County libraries are hosting Super Bowl screenings in their auditoriums and multi-purpose rooms today. I'm hurrying with this post, because the game starts in a little over two hours, and--of course--we're having company over to watch and cheer and roar. (Tomorrow we may need grief counselors.)

Here's my centerpiece for dinner, and a display seen at my supermarket yesterday. GO HAWKS!

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Anonymous said...

Even as far south as Portland, Hawk fever is running high. One of our major bridges was illuminated in blue and green for a couple of nights! Of course, Bronco fans protested, "Unfair!" So, they got their turn as well.

Stan has donned his Dick's Drive-in 12th Man t-shirt and we are about to descend to the mancave to watch and cheer. Go Hawks!