Friday, October 30, 2015

Old women rule . . .

Halloween is one of those occasions a woman grows into--the older, the better. How often can we say that! Pretending to be a crotchety, scary witch is one thing; seeing one in the mirror looking back BEFORE putting on the costume is another.

I had to laugh this morning as I was rummaging for dress-up components for the midday potluck I was going to. Facial wrinkles, sagging neck, protruding veins on hands, age spots masquerading as warts--it all comes together at a certain age--making the transformation into an appropriate Halloween character pretty easy. But instead of being a witch this year, I became inspired by assorted rubber spiders, spiderweb earrings I've had for decades, and a very old crocheted ribbon jacket too frayed to ever wear again (but too cute to toss), and, voila--Spider Ma'am!

I also stirred up a big batch of deviled eggs in my cauldron last night. Topping them off with olive spiders, even though it's a laborious task to cut a pitted olive into nine parts, is worth it. People love this idea and gobble them up quickly. There is nothing worse than bringing the same full plate of the goodies you yourself made for the party, back home from the party. That never happens with these eggs. (I held back this little batch because they are so yummy.)

Happy Haunting


Lucy Hart said...

Dear SpiderMa'am!
You look fabulous and your spider eggs are a winner!!
And you even know how many legs a spider has.

Ginny NiCarthy said...

Your imagination and energy are something to behold! If there's a way to be a Scrooge about Halloween, I'm it. Or I have been-past tense. But now that you've shown me the way,the truth and the light,I'll try to get in gear for next year. Thank you!