Sunday, February 7, 2016

Santa in February

I'll begin by apologizing for the inferior photo, but it's too funny not to share. While on my 'regular' Sunday morning walk--up a hill for one mile, then down again--I looked up for whatever reason and noticed something on a tree branch overhanging the sidewalk. A Christmas ornament! On closer look, I realized it was Santa on a cell phone. 

The whole notion got me giggling . . . is he lost, trying to find an address? Is he telling his wife about an adventure he just had on someone's roof? Or is he taking a frantic call from someone back at the North Pole--someone who needs to tell him something that can't wait (I just got a tearful call from a mom to say you delivered the wrong thing)? Maybe someone is relaying an unexpected event that just happened (there's a scary noise coming from the reindeer barn). 

Whatever the reason, I found it a delightful touch of whimsy on an otherwise routine outing.

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