Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Ending

When Hubby looked in the fridge for lunch ideas today, he loudly proclaimed, "Oh,oh . . . carrots look like they're frozen." And sure enough, upon closer inspection, the bowl of carrots remaining from our tiny "Superbowl party" (my sister and brother-in-law joined us for a game-and-gab-fest yesterday) had frozen solid.

"Time to turn up the thermostat on the fridge!," I announced, as Hubby dumped the carrots upside down on the counter. They held their shape.

"Looks like an Orphan Annie wig," he said. I had an idea and ran upstairs  (well, plodded, if you have to know) to select a teddy bear from my small remaining collection. I picked Bubba, one of the earliest members of my teddy bear club. Bubba is hard bodied (not soft and huggable), but he makes the cut for his serious but quirky expression. I took him downstairs. 

So, meet Bubba. Is he auditioning for Annie? Or is he pantomiming the feelings of the San Francisco 49-er players the day-after? You'll have to agree he brings new meaning to the description, carrot-top, as well as Super Bowl!


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