Friday, May 9, 2014

People on the Pipeline

Frequently I’m blown away by the talent and creative capabilities of family members—so much so that I occasionally have to boast. 

Today I’m providing a link to a Web page where you’ll find Denise, my Canadian daughter-in-law, acting the part of “Janice Colder, Executive of  ‘name withheld’ Corporation” in a short video she directed. Once on the site, be sure to page down to the two-minute film that succinctly and satirically demonstrates an ugly truth we’ve all experienced, regardless of what country we live in. 
Below is Denise’s comment on the link when she sent it to me: 
Here's a link to a spoof video we produced to launch a contest we're hosting to increase public discussion regarding the Northern Gateway pipeline.  The website shows the video and information regarding the contest.     

I would not call it a spoof—I’d call it a profound commentary on one way that large, well-funded entities get what they want.  I would also call this video exceptionally well done. Click here (and page down to the video) to see the film: 

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