Monday, February 14, 2022

Paper Flowers

He knew my opinion of the holiday—

greedy retailers had wrecked it for most

by marking up candy and jewelry and cards.

“Just tell me you love me on Valentine’s Day 

I do not need roses at ten times their worth!"


After running some errands and returning back home

I entered my office, then gasped and stopped short

A vase of red roses had been set on my desk

and my anger erupted in the rudest of yells

“What the . . . you know what I think of flowers this day!”


“Yes, I do,” he said as he rounded the corner

to yank up the vase and toss out its contents.

“Dollar Store!” he grinned, then hooted in glee.

It took me a second to fathom the scene. Uh,

no water was spilled and . . . Oh, the roses were fake!


I gulped and I gasped, then I snorted a laugh

and he grinned and extended his arms in a hug.

We chuckled all day at how I fell for his joke.

All these years later I still have those roses

sweet keepsake forever of his laughter and love.

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