Saturday, July 25, 2009

. . . and many strawberries return

Funny how children hear things and adapt them to their own reality. Mae heard something along the lines of “happy birthday and many returns of the day” when either Mummy or Papa (or both) had their birthdays in July. When I talked to Mae on the phone soon after, she said, “Goodbye, and many strawberries return.”

I decided that is a great sentiment for all of us. May we all survive another year to see another bloom of summer fruit.

A blog is a serious responsibility, similar to keeping a tropical fish or an African violet. Feeding it every few days is a necessity. I have a lot of items I want to publish on mine, but I don’t want to weigh it down with too many words, too often.

Every few days I’ll add something to let you know I’m still here, but I’ll give you a break from the LONG items in between.

Happy blueberries.

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