Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tour de Bothell

Timely (and true) story: Hubby heard this from his chatty massage practitioner while receiving massage therapy for leg pain identified (possibly falsely) as false-sciatica.

A husband and wife were cycling, single file, in the bicycle lane in a northeastern Seattle suburb. The woman was trailing the man by a couple of lengths, and decided to take a minute to adjust the small rear-view mirror attached to her biking glasses. Just at that moment, her husband stopped quickly. Wham! She plowed into his bike, toppling both of them.

The husband was OK, but the wife felt something snap (not on her bike, either) and was in pain. She waited with a good-Samaritan passerby (who was, of course, Hubby’s chatty massage therapist), while the husband rode home to get their car. He returned to drive his wife to an urgent care facility. At the request of the good Samaritan, the injured woman phoned later to report her diagnosis—a broken clavicle, ala Lance Armstrong.

Moral of the story for cycling couples: Consider buying a tandem, as this handsome couple did.

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